Each stone sold passes through our In-House Gemology Team and is inspected before its shipped out to your doorstep .Our Jewelry collection  is custom made in our own “atelier” (workshop) and is handmade this by Italian craftsmen of decades of experience. Stones that we do not endorse ourselves will not be sold to our customers…

With our core members who are affiliated to the World Diamond Federation as well as to the Antwerp and Belgian Federation the reputation and name of our company are our prime concern, customer satisfaction and referrals are our prime objectives…

We also strive to make Diamonds affordable to everyone…. That is why our margins as well as our quality will always be better than others….

Alain Zlayet
CEO / Founder

Awarded by the RoyalOrder of the King of Belgium for contributions to the Diamond trade through the Board of the Antwerp Diamantkring,
Awarded by kris Peeters Minister of Trade of Belgium.

Avi Elik
Co.CEO / Founder

Having served in various leadership roles for the past 12 years,
Graduated Certified Gemologist from one of the best diamond grading HRD, And one of the most known Antwerp Diamond Trader.